Saturday in Salzburg

On Saturday, I went to Salzburg which was two and a half hours away by train, with another IST intern named Armaan. Armaan is a gentle, kind, and well-meaning individual. Immediately upon meeting our conversations raced around the meaning of life, the power of traveling in shaping one’s identity, and what really matters in the lives we lead. We conversed as we walked around Salzburg, a beautiful historic town. Our first stop was The Mirabell Palace and Gardens, a UNESCO world heritage site.


Walking a bit further, we reached the Hohensalzburg Castle, a 12th century castle, those types you read about as a child. Seeing the castle expanded my sense of time in ways that no other ancient has. Human experience is long, rich, messy, and beautiful.


The Alps looming in the background. View from the castle.

There is one moment in Salzburg which I take with great heart. It was possibly one of the most holy moments of my life. Armaan and I stumbled into the Salzburg Cathedral and immediately we were swept away by the live choir performing angelic harmonies and the organ filling the halls with delicate yet bold tones. The inside of the cathedral was then a sight to behold; ceilings taller than any building I’ve been in, architecture more intricate that any church I’ve been in, paintings larger than any canvas I’ve laid my eyes upon, and a space and air that filled the soul with all that is immensity. We left the cathedral an hour and a half later wondering what just happened for it seemed like eternity had passed. I like to describe as a Chronicles of Narnia experience, if only there was a closet like that!


Salzburg has a lot of charm, splendor, and beauty.


Local chocolatier (left), Armaan (middle), me (right).

Next weekend, Prague.